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IAMBIC to manage AWS IAM

IAMBIC to manage AWS IAM

When there is so many policy, rules, users you need to manage on AWS account. IAMBIC may help you to manage these. Better way to manage permission on different user such as contractor, developer….etc , also it can be accross organization in different accounts.



Iambic can be run on windows, linux and MAC. Before you install it, please makesure you have python, git & AWS CLI installed.

Then let’s run

python3 -m venv venv
source /venv/Script/activate
pip install iambic-core


iambic setup

Going through the iambic setup, You will be asked for AWS account, IAM user, access key & secret key.

and other type of questions, do you allow iambic to create role…etc

Remember to select ‘Yes’ for importing current config from your aws account.

After setup process is completed.

You will notice there will be a lot YAML, folder has been created under your Folder.

  • Group -> it is group that you assigned to users.
  • managed_policy -> Policy that you attached to group/ users.
  • role -> roles that apply to other AWS services such ec2, lambda…etc
  • user -> user
after import
yaml files

How to use

Iambic will import user, policy, role, group to your local repository.

  • Add a new group – “iambic”
  • Add a new user with the group “iambic”
  • Create a new user.yaml file under user folder & also group.yaml under group.
#For user yaml file
template_type: NOQ::AWS::IAM::User
template_schema_url: https://docs.iambic.org/reference/schemas/aws_iam_user_template
  - littlesmartt
identifier: aabc
    - group_name: Code
    - group_name: IMTEST
    - group_name: Web_Server
    - policy_arn: arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/AmazonEC2FullAccess
  user_name: aabc
#For group yaml file
template_type: NOQ::AWS::IAM::Group
template_schema_url: https://docs.iambic.org/reference/schemas/aws_iam_group_template
  - littlesmartt
identifier: IMTEST
  group_name: IMTEST
    - policy_arn: arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/AWSHealthFullAccess
iambic plan resouces/aws/iam/group/*.yaml resources/aws/iam/user/*yaml
iambic apply resouces/aws/iam/group/*.yaml resources/aws/iam/user/*yaml

After apply
After apply

Back to AWS Portal, on IAM sectin. we can see user and Group has been created.

If you want to delete the user/ group , which you just created.

added -> “deleted: true” in the yaml file.

After you run the iambic apply …/

The file will be deleted after.

Thanks for reading


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