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Exploring AWS SSM Parameter Store!

Exploring AWS SSM Parameter Store!

In today’s cloud-driven world, managing configurations, secrets, and other sensitive information securely is paramount. AWS System Manager – Parameter Store that can help to store information, secure password and share it.

For Example, we can use it for Database Password, Database username, EFS files system End point…..etc When we are auto scaling up our infrastructure, We want to ensure information are consistency ( differenet Database has different username / password ).

let's say, when auto scaling is trigger. New VM was created from the lanuch template, we want the new VM will able to connect to the RDS Database.  
Database: UFODB
Database user:  ufo
Database pass:  pleaseguessmypassword
Database endpoint: ddbb.amazon.com

Setup SSM – Parameter Store

Go AWS Systems Manager -> Parameter Store -> My parameters

  • Create Parameters
  • Giving name to your “/……./xxx”
  • Type it can be String & SecureString
  • String ( which is plain text )
  • Secure String ( which is encryted , you will need to use KMS)
Parameter Store
String & Secure string


login to MYSQL


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