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Network Automation on GNS3 – ANSIBLE no.2

<AIMS>Automation of Using Linux Ansible to obtain information from network devices, also giving commands to Routers & Switch enable “CDP RUN” ,enable ” show ip inter br”, & create OSPF. no.1 labs, I’m using ssh command line to login (” -u tech -k “), on this lab, I”m using ssh variable to ping and ansible-playbook. Also using ansible to telnet […]

Ansible on Linux

2 Router + linux ubuntu running Ansible – Both Router has setup AAA model, SSH , On Linux configure “hosts”, “group_vars/cisco”, “host_vars” on “Hosts_vars” < – each router host to be configure, on “group_vars”<– ssh name + password to be configure create ansible_playbook .yml file On figure 1.2 finally, I can see Great result back 2 Router + linux ubuntu […]