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What does MPLS Do for us ? Part 1

Multiprotocol Label Switching (“MPLS”). This is protocol between Layer 2 and Layer 3. Let’s say it is 2.5 Layer. Why we need MPLS? How does MPLS work? What can MPLS help us? In this lab, we will go through setting up MPLS and to find out more about MPLS. Setup OSPF between Routers, MPLS1, 2 & 3 Enable MPLS LDP […]

BGP / OSPF – Redistribute-internal

You connected BGP with OSPF then you enter command for Redistribute the route in each BGP / OSPF. You found out that OSPF didn’t learn the BGP router. You have double checked Network advertised in BGP & OSPF in BGP and OSPF, also Redistribute on BGP & OSPF on BGP 2 Router. You checked “Show ip bgp topology * ” […]