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Using Terraform ELB & ASG in AWS

Why do we need Load Balance + Auto Scaling With a Star-up business, we didn’t expect that many peoples to visit the website at the begining, Also we are afraid the web server can’t handle it with the peak season. You don’t want your web server can’t take any workload due to a busy time. So you will add as […]

VPC flow in Terraform

Create Flow Log via terraform We are using Previously project scripit, but we will add “VPC Flow capture” on the VPC which we create via terraform. We will create a new file tf.log , input code as below Terraform plan / apply Terraform apply -> EC2 instance will be created with EIP with internet access. Additional it created as below: […]

Whats is Modules in Terraform

Modules in Terraform when your terraform infrastructure grows, modules helps you. Easy to manage your resources and clean Easilier to read and understand, avoid a huge project all in tf file) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://github.com/yourlifeuk/terra_project/tree/main/Project_2 code as Link as above If you copy the code (Git clone), then you type “terraform init”. This time, you will see a little different then before. […]

Terraform – AWS

TERRAFORM We will use terraform to manage cloud infrastructure and deploy in AWS. 2 VPC ( Frontend VPC, Backend VPC) Subnet for both VPC and Routing table Internet gateway -> Frontend VPC Security Group -> Frontend and Backend VPC Peering store tfstate in S3 Lockfile located in DynamoDB AWS After we build, we want to destroy all the related resources. […]