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Without it, you can't see my website Right now. Network Stay online

Startup company getting physical server or other gear, it takes TIME , Money and cost to manage. In Cloud, if you do it right, you will only pay what you used.

VISIO STUDIO - To build network digrams, Other peoples need to know what is happening here.



Meraki, Cisco Firewall ASA, Palo Alto, Fortigate, F5 & Tufin, Ansible, Python

AWS Lambda, route53, Load Balancer, CloudFormation, Terraform infrastructure as code with Git

Auvik, Wireshark, Solarwinds, Linux Ubuntu, Suse

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

― Thomas A. Edison
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Terraform – AWS

TERRAFORM We will use terraform to manage cloud infrastructure and deploy in AWS. 2 VPC ( Frontend VPC, Backend VPC) Subnet for both VPC and Routing table Internet gateway -> Frontend VPC Security Group -> Frontend and Backend VPC Peering store tfstate in S3 Lockfile located in DynamoDB AWS After we build, we want to destroy all the related resources. […]

What does MPLS Do for us ? Part 1

Multiprotocol Label Switching (“MPLS”). This is protocol between Layer 2 and Layer 3. Let’s say it is 2.5 Layer. Why we need MPLS? How does MPLS work? What can MPLS help us? In this lab, we will go through setting up MPLS and to find out more about MPLS. Setup OSPF between Routers, MPLS1, 2 & 3 Enable MPLS LDP […]

BGP / OSPF – Redistribute-internal

You connected BGP with OSPF then you enter command for Redistribute the route in each BGP / OSPF. You found out that OSPF didn’t learn the BGP router. You have double checked Network advertised in BGP & OSPF in BGP and OSPF, also Redistribute on BGP & OSPF on BGP 2 Router. You checked “Show ip bgp topology * ” […]

What is VRF, VRF-Lite

Virtual Router Forwarding (“VRF“), It allows router to have many logical routing tables. Services Provider they take this as advantage on it with MPLS, so as to separate the network to Customers. VLAN = VRF? Virtual Local Area network & Virtual Router Forwarding, they are both separating the network. BUT 1 is in Layer 2 1 is in Layer 3 […]

Encapsulation – VPN, GRE Tunnel ?

Why do we need GRE Tunnel GRE Tunnel, it Encapsulate the packet which is quite similiar with VPN IPSEC. GRE Tunnel can support Dynamic Routing protocol through the tunnel, it is the reason why it takes an advantages. In DMVPN, GRE will play its role. Another advantage of GRE Tunnel, is easiler to be configured. CONFIGURATION Between R1-R2-R3 both has […]

Cisco MERAKI- What do we need to know

WHAT DO WE NEED TO KNOW CISCO MERAKI has different variety product. Mostly I use is Security appliance, Wireless & Switch. Mainly they are cloud base product which mean. Without internet, it is not much you can do on the devices. Such as you can change vlan trunk/ access or add DHCP on Security appliance. But you can configure IP […]

Wireshark – commands that I always use

ip.addr == I always use this to quickly filter the ip address, I focus on. what transactions is related to it. ip.dst / ip.src If I know the destination and source Ip address, that is the command. I can narrow it down the flow. ip.flags.syc == 1 && ip.flags.ack == 1 As we know, TCP got 3 way handshake. With […]