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Without it, you can't see my website Right now. Network Stay online

Startup company getting physical server or other gear, it takes TIME , Money and cost to manage. In Cloud, if you do it right, you will only pay what you used.

VISIO STUDIO - To build network digrams, Other peoples need to know what is happening here.



Meraki, Cisco Firewall ASA, Palo Alto, Fortigate, F5 & Tufin, Ansible, Python

AWS Lambda, route53, Load Balancer, CloudFormation, Terraform infrastructure as code with Git

Auvik, Wireshark, Solarwinds, Linux Ubuntu, Suse

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

― Thomas A. Edison
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Sentinel helping you in Terraform

How to make sure standard format or practising , enforce accross to all terraform user. In Terraform Cloud / Terraform enterprise is allowing your to put sentinel policy in place. Prevent certain actions or configurations that may violate your organization’s compliance or security standards Being with Terraform Cloud Using terraform with Github responsitories. You can trigger the run on each […]

Exploring AWS SSM Parameter Store!

In today’s cloud-driven world, managing configurations, secrets, and other sensitive information securely is paramount. AWS System Manager – Parameter Store that can help to store information, secure password and share it. For Example, we can use it for Database Password, Database username, EFS files system End point…..etc When we are auto scaling up our infrastructure, We want to ensure information […]

IAMBIC to manage AWS IAM

When there is so many policy, rules, users you need to manage on AWS account. IAMBIC may help you to manage these. Better way to manage permission on different user such as contractor, developer….etc , also it can be accross organization in different accounts. INSTALLATION https://docs.iambic.org/getting_started/configuring_iambic Iambic can be run on windows, linux and MAC. Before you install it, please […]

Reach to internet via other firewall in AWS

Internet In previous post, in order to secure our VM in the private subnet. Using NAT Gateway, is very good option. In the other hand, AWS will charge it on the NAT Gateway usage. below info: NAT gateway will do NAT gateway do. It will not filter specific URL…..or other function. In this case, we can put third party firewall […]

Diff AWS internet gateway – Cloudformation

INTRO There different in AWS, for EC2 instances in private subnet to reach public internet. We will take a closer look at how AWS enables for different type in internet access. We will use cloudformation to build VPC, Subnets, internetgateway , NAT gateway and also with VM to test. Internet Gateway – It serves as the entry and exit point […]

Using Terraform ELB & ASG in AWS

Why do we need Load Balance + Auto Scaling With a Star-up business, we didn’t expect that many peoples to visit the website at the begining, Also we are afraid the web server can’t handle it with the peak season. You don’t want your web server can’t take any workload due to a busy time. So you will add as […]

AWS – CI/CD Pipline with Github & S3 Bucket static website

Using the cloud to build Static website with AWS Pipeline. We will need Github help as well. AWS S3 Bucket Git Hub account AWS pipline Connect AWS codebuild to Github (Source Stage). Pipeline select S3 (Deploy stage) Create S3 Bucket & Static Website + Bucket Policy First, we will create an S3 bucket and pickup an unique Name for your […]

VPC flow in Terraform

Create Flow Log via terraform We are using Previously project scripit, but we will add “VPC Flow capture” on the VPC which we create via terraform. We will create a new file tf.log , input code as below Terraform plan / apply Terraform apply -> EC2 instance will be created with EIP with internet access. Additional it created as below: […]

Whats is Modules in Terraform

Modules in Terraform when your terraform infrastructure grows, modules helps you. Easy to manage your resources and clean Easilier to read and understand, avoid a huge project all in tf file) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://github.com/yourlifeuk/terra_project/tree/main/Project_2 code as Link as above If you copy the code (Git clone), then you type “terraform init”. This time, you will see a little different then before. […]